Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Birth of the "Montessori-Community-As-An-Organism"?

Might the unprecedented collaborative commitment of Montessorians throughout the nation (including Ohio) signal the birth of the "Montessori Community-as-an-organism"?  

My consideration of the "birth of the Montessori-Community-as-an-organism" began recently, while rereading EDUCATION AND PEACE, and reflecting on Dr. Montessori's concept of "humanity as an organism", her belief that "mankind must organize", and her notion of  "the universal cooperation required of humanity for continued progress".   I am deeply moved by her words, believing that there is an urgent need for such organization, but wonder, "How CAN humanity organize itself???" The means are there (we are capable of universal connection, communication and identification) but the commitment and the will to work together has yet to be expressed. Without the motive for unified action, it seems that despite our capabilities, humanity remains unorganized. 

The Montessori community has been growing and doing amazing work to help children and the world since 1907, but might the unprecedented, collective commitment for cooperation signal a new ability to act as a unified organism, whose mind (ideas and beliefs), will (intention to defend and serve the child) and body (each individual member of our community connecting as part of a unified whole) are now aligned and engaged?  I wonder, if so, can we apply our understanding of child development to nurture the development of such an organism?  How?  What would that look like?  (For me, I see many parallels between the child's energy for self-construction and an organization's drive to self-organize, and the essential role of purposeful activity for the development of both types of organisms.) 

These are some thoughts and questions I'm considering -- what do you think?  There are likely hundreds of different perspectives on this idea, each of which will deepen our understanding -- so please share yours!  I value the chance to process ideas, deepen our "pool of shared meaning", and learn from you on this and other topics!